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Explaining factions Which to choose?

on Mon May 29, 2017 8:06 pm
Yes, you guessed it we are doing a faction topic there are a total of 3 factions: new monarchy, dead orbit and Future war cult today we will be explaining the benefit of them.

New monarchy - New monarchy sells Armour as well as weapons ( I use the new monarchy i'm not being biased here ) it specialises in  intellect and strength. Intellect -  Bonus in cooling down the super ability. Strength - cools down the melee ability quicker. So from the new monarchy you can expect bonus in cool down in melee and bonus cool down in super abilities.

Dead orbit - Dead orbit sells armour ( It looks the best it looks better tan the other factions armour most people say this ) it specialises in discipline and strength. Discipline - Boosted cool down in grenades. In dead orbit you would mostly expect boosted grenades cool down time and boosted melee cool down time.

Future war cult -  FWC sell weapons and armour and it specialises in intellect and discipline, Mostly  you would expect to have boosted cool down in super abilities and grenades.

Good luck choosing your factions, be careful out here guardian!
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